“Now, we’ll run a search. Hopefully, we’ll get a match,” Michellin said, pressing Enter. “If the print doesn’t belong to a person with a past offense, we’re back at square one.”

For all of her specialized government gadgets, Nick hoped she would have given him a more definitive response.

“Wait a minute. We’re getting something.”

“What is it?” Nick moved closer.

“It’s reading six separate prints.” Michellin typed in the appropriate information. She pressed Enter again.

“We have a match.”


Michellin Stone is the attractive government agent from the United States Treasury Department. There are smaller divisions within the department. One division, in particular, is called the Special Investigations Division. This division is known as SID. I thought it sounded less clunky to pronounce it as Sid, instead of saying each letter as with the FBI, the CIA, the DEA, and so on.

Michellin Stone comes to Callahan the day after Nick discovers the evidence in the debris of the house that was consumed by fire. The fact that the fire is caused by arson has Nick wondering what this means for his town. When Michellin arrives with news relating to his evidence and suggests that they team up, Nick begins to feel as if the case is spiraling out of his control.

Nick finds Agent Stone’s crisp professional appearance and highly impressive investigation skills to be an immediate threat. In his own right, Nick is confident that he can solve this case just as he’s done all the others—not that there’s been that many. But when his experience is stacked in comparison to Agent Stone’s, who has the entire United States government behind her, Nick can’t help but feel as if he’s coming up short.

Michellin is the product of a long line of military officers, her father, his father before him, and her two brothers. For this reason, Michellin strives to represent not only her family but her country to the best of her ability.

For all of her professional layers of perfection, Michellin has two flaws. One is occasionally locking her keys in her car, and the other is longing to find love and settle down. Her first flaw proves that despite her best efforts, she is only human. And her second flaw is a testament that a life without someone to share it with is empty at best. But to trade one life for another was never the plan. Michellin is convinced that she can have both. That is until a turn of events makes her question which life she wants more.

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