“Things like this just don’t happen here.” At least that’s what the citizens of Callahan, Texas used to say.

When Nick Moran, sheriff and divorced father of two, answers a call from emergency dispatch regarding a burning house, he discovers that the fire is an act of arson, and the evidence uncovered in the debris already has the United States government’s attention.

Before Nick has the chance to decide what this means for his citizens, government agent Michellin Stone is sent to investigate. She informs Nick that his evidence has ties to a criminal organization, which has intentions of setting up its operation in Callahan—a town with limited law enforcement. What begins as an isolated incident becomes an entanglement of love, greed, and corruption with questionable government involvement. Who can be trusted?

In all of his years as sheriff, Nick has prided himself on working within the boundaries of the law. But when his work causes unwanted attention, Nick has to go outside the law to protect his town and the people he loves.


  1. Excellent Read!! I bought a copy of your book and I have really enjoyed reading your novel. I have shared your book with my book club!

  2. Thank you, John! I am very happy to hear that you enjoyed reading CALLAHAN. I hope that your book club will it enjoy reading it as well.

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